About Us

Sunday Brunch Catering was founded by Jermaine and Letrice Calloway in 2008.  Letrice heard the voice of God which said to her “come buy without money” (Isaiah 55:1).   So, heeding to the voice of God, she came to me and said let’s set up a coney station at church and give away free coney dogs.  I agreed and said let’s do it.  It was widely received by the congregation.  It was truly a blessing to see the joy in eating and fellowship.  We set up coney stations at our church again and again with scripture Isaiah 55:1.  God blessed us to bless others.  We did this for a while — offering the gift of service to satisfy people’s physical and spiritual hunger at no cost of money.

As we continued to be obedient to God, two pastors (the Pattersons) approached us about providing catering services at a marriage seminar they were hosting at our church.  We agreed to provide the service without giving thought to monetary compensation but they wanted to hire us.  I didn’t add up the cost.  I asked God what I should charge them.  He said for me to tell them to pay whatever He, God, lays on their hearts to pay.  I did just that — looking to be blessed even if they paid us a dollar.  (All glory was God’s.)

Before the seminar was over, two of the guest speakers, the Spearmans, came to us.  Mrs. Spearman spoke into our lives concerning our unity in marriage.  She also spoke about the catering business.  She said “you two shall no longer cater for free.  Your prices will be a blessing.”  We never considered what we were doing as catering.  We were about our Father’s business — giving.

After the marriage seminar was over, the pastors who hired us paid us $150.00.  Grateful and praising God about the response from the people, the business that was prophesied to us was started.  Then the name Sunday Brunch came into my spirit.  That is how Sunday Brunch Catering came to be.

Jermaine & Letrice Calloway are blessed with the gift of cooking all cuisines.

We are servants of the Most High GOD.


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